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Underwater Drones

The advent of underwater drone and mini ROV technology has brought unprecedented possibilities in various industries, including underwater exploration and photography, commercial fishing, and more. The underwater drone market has been rapidly evolving with drones becoming more advanced and versatile. These drones can be used for a multitude of applications from research and inspection to enjoyable recreation. The capability to explore and document the underwater world in high quality has never been more accessible.

Invocean introduces you to the diverse range of innovative underwater drones available in the market, ranging from entry-level models such as the Chasing Innovation Dory to sophisticated professional-grade underwater drones like the Chasing M2 Pro Max and the QYSEA FiFish Pro W6 ROV, which can be seen as mini ROV.

Remember to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing an underwater drone. Whether it's the camera resolution, the ability to control the drone smoothly, the depth it can reach, or the price, these factors will help you determine which drone is the best fit for you.

With the right drone underwater or mini ROV, you can unlock a whole new world of possibilities, capturing the beauty of the underwater world in high resolution, exploring the mysteries of the deep, or even enhancing your fishing experience. The ocean's depths are waiting to be explored, and there's no better way to dive in than with a high-quality underwater drone or underwater camera drone if you may for underwater drone photography.

Starting with the more affordable options, the Chasing Dory stands out as an excellent entry-level micro drone underwater and is a user-friendly and economically priced underwater wireless drone, ideally suited for those venturing into the realm of underwater exploration for the first time​ , and is child friendly in operation so long as they are supervised by an adult.

The Dory comes equipped with a high-quality 1080p camera, similar to an underwater ROV camera enabling you to capture stunning visuals of underwater habitats and marine life. Think of it as a remote control underwater camera. With a maximum diving depth of 15 meters, it is perfect for exploring shallow water bodies and coral reefs.

An underwater drone for fishing, or fishing enthusiasts, the Chasing F1, as a first, try underwater drone camera fishing with a wireless fish finder drone, which presents an innovative tool that significantly enhances the efficiency and enjoyment of fishing trips by effortlessly locating schools of fish​​ making your fishing time productive and more enjoyable.

In the mid-range category, stepping up the ladder, we have the GLADIUS drone or Gladius ROV MINI S a tethered underwater drone. This is the first of our Chasing range to be a drone underwater with a grabber claw drone supports the mounting of a grabber claw or a GoPro, opening up more opportunities for exploration and documentation. With a depth lock feature, 4K camera, and a maximum diving depth of 100 meters, this drone offers robust features for the underwater explorer or underwater inspections.

The Chasing M2 series similar to mini ROV includes three underwater drones: the M2, M2s, M2 PRO, and M2 PRO MAX. These drones are designed for more complex underwater application scenarios, with the ability to mount multiple accessories simultaneously. They feature 4K cameras, with the M2 reaching depths of 100 meters, the M2 PRO 150 meters, and the M2 PRO MAX going as deep as 200 meters. This series is an excellent choice for professional underwater photographers or researchers, providing good quality and high-resolution underwater photography.

Switching gears to QYSEA's FiFish series which offers a range of high-performance underwater drones or mini ROV that cater to a variety of professional needs. The FiFish V-EVO and FiFish V6s are equipped with 360° omnidirectional 4K cameras, providing immersive, high-quality visuals of the underwater environment​​.

QYSEA FiFish, we begin with the FiFish V-EVO. This 360° OmniView underwater drone is equipped with a 4K 60FPS high frame-rate camera and multi-tool integrations, offering a superb option for detailed underwater videography.

The FiFish V6s, a 360° omnidirectional 4K underwater drone, comes with a robotic claw module and enhanced battery capacity, making it a versatile underwater ROV for sale. It's a long-range underwater drone that combines the benefits of a 4K camera, depth lock, and underwater grabber in one package.

The FiFish V6 is the world's first 360° omnidirectional underwater drone, providing a unique user experience with VR head tracking controls. This feature allows for intuitive control, making it easy to capture 4K video in any direction from a similar rov camera underwater.

The FiFish V6 EXPERT, PRO V6 PLUS, and PRO W6 are high-performance drones designed for demanding underwater tasks. With 4K cameras, large depth ratings, and multi-tool attachment capabilities, these drones offer advanced features for professional usage

Whether you're an amateur underwater photographer, a professional researcher, or an avid fisherman, there's an underwater drone out there for you. From the Chasing Gladius to the QYSEA FiFish Pro W6, each underwater drone or mini ROV offers unique features to meet different needs and budgets.

If you're looking for an affordable and user-friendly mini ROV option to start with underwater photography, the Chasing Gladius might be your best bet. The Chasing F1 with its fish finder feature will be an invaluable tool for those interested in fishing. If you're looking to explore deeper underwater and require high-quality 4K video, the Chasing M2 series or the GLADIUS MINI S would be worth considering as a mini ROV.

On the other hand, the QYSEA FiFish underwater drones offer a range of professional underwater drones with impressive features. The FiFish V-EVO and V6s come with 360° omnidirectional cameras and 4K video capability, providing immersive viewing experiences. For professional-level underwater photography, the FiFish P3 with its 4K UHD quality and high resolution is hard to beat. And for those looking for a drone capable of handling more demanding tasks, the FiFish V6 EXPERT, PRO V6 PLUS, and PRO W6, with their advanced features and large depth ratings, would be ideal choices.

Invocean have all QYSEA and Chasing models underwater drones in stock for sale, we have models also available for rent and we can also maintain or repair a unit if you have already purchased direct.

Contact Invocean today if you require more information or a quotation for a new or rental underwater drone, even a mini ROV, our specialists will be more than happy to assist you!


Invocean has partnered with QYSEA and stock their complete range of underwater drones and products. QYSEA's AI vision lock platform sets a new standard for underwater explorations.
With ROV and Drones capable of 350m water depth operations, 4K UHD and a multitude of add-on and accessories for all models.

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underwater drone


underwater drone


chasing drones

Invocean is a partner with CHASING and stock their complete range of underwater drones and products. CHASING's focus on topside control and topside power options are class leading. 
With the new generation of accessory mounting modes and quick mount technologies, the upgrades shall provide customers with a more user friendly, professional solution.
ROV and Drones capable of 200m water depth operations, 4K UHD and a multitude of add-on and accessories for all models.

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