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Underwater Thrusters for Unparalleled Underwater Operations

Welcome to the cutting-edge of underwater propulsion technology. We incorporate the expertise of the industry to present a comprehensive suite of thrusters and thruster components. Whether configuring an ROV motor thruster for your Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), managing an ROV thrusters configuration, or operating an AUV underwater thruster, our high-performance products deliver the reliable propulsion power you need.

Our Thruster Range – Elevating Performance & Efficiency

Our diverse range of thrusters is designed to optimize your ROV motor thruster's performance and enhance the efficiency of any underwater thruster. Drawing on esteemed designs like Blue Robotics' brushless motor, the T200 thruster and Invocean's I50 Thrusters, we have crafted a line of thrusters offering unrivalled control, power, and manoeuvrability, perfect for all types of remotely operated vehicles.

Subsea Thrusters

Our subsea thrusters encapsulate the lightweight design of Blue Robotics' subsea models and the performance efficiency of Invoceans' I50 Thruster. Easily integrated into any ROV motor thruster, they offer steadfast performance for any Remotely Operated Vehicle thruster underwater, even in the harshest marine conditions.

ROV Thrusters

Our ROV thrusters, which can be seamlessly incorporated into your ROV motor thruster, embody power, agility, and reliability. These are engineered to suit diverse ROVs and Remotely Operated Vehicle thruster underwater operations, ensuring smooth control, optimal operational capabilities, and unrivalled performance.

ROV Thruster Components

ROV Thruster Motor

We have a large range of ROV thruster motors, from Blue Robotics’ M100 and M200 series to Invoceans I50 design, our motors form the heart of any ROV motor thruster configuration. These motors deliver substantial power output while minimizing heat generation and vibration, making them the perfect propulsion choice for any Remotely Operated Vehicle. We can offer technical suitabilities once we know more information about your vehicle or project.

ROV Thruster Propeller

Whether you are upgrading your ROV motor thruster or enhancing a Remotely Operated Vehicle thruster underwater, we offer efficient propeller designs that maximize thrust while minimizing energy consumption. These propellers significantly contribute to the overall efficiency and performance of the thruster, providing unmatched manoeuvrability.

ROV Thruster Housing

Our robust thruster housings, vital for any ROV motor thruster, are designed to shield critical internal components from the rigours of the underwater environment. Made from high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials, these housings ensure unparalleled durability and longevity. If you are souring an upgrade or just damage replacement, we can surely assist you.

Premium Brushless Underwater Thrusters

Our brushless underwater thrusters are engineered to provide superior efficiency and longevity. Whether you're configuring an ROV motor thruster or running a Remotely Operated Vehicle thruster underwater, these brushless thrusters, known for their quiet operation, low maintenance, and extended operational life, are the optimal choice for demanding underwater applications.

Underwater Electric Thruster Motor

Our underwater electric thruster motors, a crucial element in any ROV motor thruster or Remotely Operated Vehicle thruster underwater, offer reliable, energy-efficient propulsion. Constructed from high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials, these motors withstand the pressures of deep-sea environments, ensuring a long operational lifespan with minimal maintenance.

Pioneering Thruster Technology – Steered by Excellence

When you choose us, you're partnering with a team that's committed to delivering top-tier underwater propulsion solutions. Whether you're configuring an ROV motor thruster for your Remotely Operated Vehicle, managing an ROV thruster configuration, or operating a thruster underwater, our advanced technology powers your mission. Experience the future of underwater exploration with our high-tech thrusters today. We're here to help you reach new depths.

Get in touch with our technical team and we can discuss your thruster or component requirements as we currently have 40 different types of thruster model available and our underwater thruster selection is growing continually.

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