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ROV Accessories -  
Ultra Short Baseline Systems 

Ensure constant location awareness of your aquatic resources using an ROV USBL (Ultra-Short Baseline) system. Invocean represents a comprehensive collection of USBL acoustic positioning systems designed to deliver precise and real-time tracking of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), also autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), and divers.
Each USBL excels at providing real-time tracking capabilities and offers an array of features specifically designed to enhance your situational awareness. By implementing a USBL, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the movements and positions of your in-water assets, enabling you to make informed decisions based on accurate data.
Whether you are managing underwater exploration projects, conducting research, or performing industrial tasks, an installed USBL becomes an indispensable tool in optimizing operational efficiency and ensuring the safety of personnel. Its reliability, accuracy, and intuitive user interface make it an ideal choice for professionals seeking high-performance acoustic positioning systems.


Choose Invocean to safeguard your underwater operations and maximize productivity through real-time tracking of your ROVs, AUVs, and divers. With Invocean, you can achieve unparalleled precision and situational awareness, leading to enhanced operational outcomes in various aquatic endeavors.

See our selection of ROV USBL below and please feel free to drop us a line to discuss any questions or requirements you may have.

Blueprint Subsea Seatrac

ROV USBL Selection

Waterlinked DVL






The Blueprint Subsea SeaTrac  

The SeaTrac 
systems contain both a beacon and a transponder beacon, ideally suited to tracking ROVs and AUVs in real-time down to a depth of 300m and 2000m.


  • Simple, robust position tracking system for shallower water applications

  • USBL beacon equipped with AHRS and Active Doppler Compensation for reliable location acquisition

  • Extremely compact beacons suitable for installation on smaller inspection class ROVs

  • Intuitive SeaTrac PinPoint software interrogates up to 14 beacons for real-time relative and actual positional data

  • Accepts an external heading input and outputs a NMEA string for use in other devices

  • Beacon can be powered from a battery for standalone diver tracking

  • OEM systems and software SDK's available for integrators and developers



blueprint subsea seatrac USBL
Blueprint subsea seatrac USBL
Blueprint subsea seatrac


The Water Linked Underwater GPS (UGPS)

Underwater GPS G2 is Water Linked's latest Short BaseLine (SBL) system providing reliable accurate and robust acoustic positioning of a single Locator.
The G2 Topside is connected to the G2 Antenna which must be mounted in the water with direct line of sight to the Locator. A Wi-Fi signal emitted by the internal Web server of the G2 Topside allows the user to track the Locator using the Water Linked Web-based GUI. Users can also develop their own user interface using the Water Linked easy to use HTTP based API.
With the benefit of an integrated GPS and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), the GPS G2 provides absolute GPS position of the Locator, removing the need to integrate additional third-party sensors for accurate navigation. While only one Locator can be tracked the Locator can be set to one of 7 channels, allowing multiple GPS G2 systems to be used in the same area without interference.
Locators are available in one of 3 configurations to support the user’s requirements. The Locator must be synchronised with the Topside, which is achieved either through a GPS lock or through direct connection with the Topside, typically through the ROV tether




Underwater GPS
Underwater GPS
waterlinked dvl
Waterlinked UGPS
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