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ROV Sensors: Enhancing Underwater Sensors and Data Collection

Welcome to Invocean's advanced sensor technology for Remotely Operated Vehicles - ROV, Autonomous Surface Vehicles-AUV and Unmanned Surface Vessels - USV.


Our comprehensive suite of sensors is meticulously engineered to deliver precise and reliable data, facilitating critical underwater exploration and research.

Dissolved Oxygen ROV Sensor

Our range of Dissolved Oxygen Sensors employs cutting-edge luminescent optical technology to measure the concentration of dissolved oxygen in aquatic environments. This sensor is crucial for assessing the vitality of marine ecosystems, providing high-precision measurements even under extreme hydrostatic pressures and temperatures. Its anti-fouling design ensures minimal maintenance, making it ideal for extended deployments.

ROV Salinity Sensor

The Salinity Sensor utilizes a sophisticated conductivity-based approach to measure the salt concentration in water, a key parameter in understanding ocean circulation and climate patterns. Constructed with corrosion-resistant materials, this sensor delivers accurate readings across a wide range of temperatures and depths.


Turbidity ROV Sensor

Our Turbidity Sensor employs a nephelometric method to measure the degree of water cloudiness or haziness, caused by suspended particulates. This sensor is critical for monitoring sediment movement, tracking pollutants, and assessing overall water quality. It features a self-cleaning mechanism to prevent biofouling, ensuring consistent accuracy over time.

ROV pH Sensor

The pH Sensor, vital for monitoring the acidity or alkalinity of water, employs a glass electrode system to provide high-resolution measurements across a broad pH range. Encased in a rugged, corrosion-resistant housing, this sensor is integral to understanding marine life health and the impact of anthropogenic activities on ocean chemistry.

4-in-1 Multiple Water Quality ROV Sensor

Our 4-in-1 Multiple Water Quality Sensor is an all-in-one solution that simultaneously measures temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. This compact, integrated sensor offers a cost-effective solution for comprehensive water quality monitoring. It incorporates advanced digital signal processing and self-diagnostic capabilities to ensure reliable data acquisition.

ROV Pressure Sensor

The Pressure Sensor, designed to measure hydrostatic pressure in the water column, employs a piezoresistive transducer to deliver high-accuracy depth measurements. This sensor is engineered to withstand the high-pressure environments characteristic of deep-sea exploration.

ROV Temperature Sensor

Our Temperature Sensor, integral to understanding ocean currents and climate change effects, utilizes a high-accuracy thermistor with rapid response times. This ensures precise water temperature data acquisition, even in rapidly fluctuating conditions.

ROV Gyro Compass Sensor

The Gyro Compass Sensor, a critical navigational tool for ROVs, provides accurate heading information based on Earth's rotation. This sensor offers superior precision and stability, even under extreme underwater conditions, making it an invaluable tool for ROV navigation and orientation.

ROV Leak Detection Sensor

Our Leak Detection Sensor, designed to detect the presence of hydrocarbons or other chemicals in the water, employs fluorescence technology for rapid detection. Constructed with robust materials, this sensor ensures long-term reliability, playing a crucial role in preventing environmental damage.

ROV Thickness Gauge Sensor

The Thickness Gauge Sensor, essential for inspecting underwater structures, employs ultrasonic technology to measure material thickness. This sensor is capable of detecting corrosion or damage, providing accurate measurements even on heavily corroded surfaces.

At Invocean, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable sensors for ROV applications. Our sensors, designed with the latest technology, are built to withstand the harsh conditions of underwater environments. Trust Invocean for all your ROV sensor needs.

Contact our technical team today to discuss your requirements and our underwater sensor suitability.

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